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Upcoming Events
2. Zurich Open Feis
   Sanctioned by:WIDA
   Organized by:Scoil Rince O`Brannlaig & Eirinn Irish Dance
   Registration:Not Open Yet - Opens: 02/21/21
Russian Open Moscow Feis
   Sanctioned by:WIDA
   Organized by:Irisland Moscow
Edinburgh Christmas Feis
   Sanctioned by:WIDA
   Organized by:Fallon Academy
Minsk Feis
   Sanctioned by:WIDA
   Organized by:Gloria
Laois Open Pre Recorded Feis 2021
   Sanctioned by:WIDA
   Organized by:Lawless Academy of Dance
   Registration:OPEN! - Closes: 01/09/21
The Reel Hollywood Feis
   Sanctioned by:WIDA
   Organized by:Tir Ruaidh Irish Dance
   Registration:Not Open Yet - Opens: 01/04/21
Ruhr Digital Feis
   Sanctioned by:WIDA
   Organized by:Scoil Rince Celtus
   Registration:OPEN! - Closes: 01/09/21
Stratford Open Digital Feis
   Sanctioned by:WIDA
   Organized by:McCarthy-Felton School
   Registration:Not Open Yet - Opens: 12/12/20
Novosibirsk Feis
   Sanctioned by:WIDA
   Organized by:Medieval
   Registration:OPEN! - Closes: 12/22/20
Wiltshire Open 2021 - Zoom and Digital Submission Feis
   Sanctioned by:WIDA
   Organized by:VW Irish Dancing
   Registration:OPEN! - Closes: 01/23/21
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